Sebastián Núñez

Maker of fine Early Musical Instruments
Lutes, Vihuelas, Early Guitars & Harpsichords
Specialized Restorer of Historical Guitars

Vlijtstraat 6-A
3513 SV Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel/Fax +31 30 8784614


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Asociación Argentina de Luthiers
ATLAS of Plucked Instruments
Yerba Mate Rosamonte y otras, mates y bombillas en Utrecht Nederland
Trio ASSAI, from Spain with bandurria, laúd tenor and guitar
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Lex Eisenhardt, early guitars and vihuela
Cister page
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The Batavia : A dutch XVIIth c. ship
Fondazione Arts Academy: Liuteria
Latin American musical instruments
Latin American Early Music
Jan Akkerman The page of the "Gran guitarrista, laudista y compositor"
Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires
Tango y comida en Buenos Aires, Argentina
Museos de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Information about tablature edition for guitar and other instruments. Good links
Forma Antiqua.Very good spanish early music page
Das Duo Ahlert & Schwab
Gitaar en Mandoline Orkest "Het Consort"
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